MAY 2022 

 Well, April, which is both poetry month and a month to recognize awareness and advocacy against Child abuse has come and gone. It has been a month of organization which brings me joy and writing new articles and reviews about debates as I job hunt and interview and follow up even with electronic rejections. If you would like to follow my writing, please hone your loyalty to both my patreon and linkedin. I continue to thank God for the provision of and also encourage you to thank God for the things we so often take for granted and as our country faces such a scary time of war and uncertainty to how that will play out exactly or what will happen, we have been blessed with such a long, long time at peace really. I have been comforted by the verse recently about God finishing the work He began in us. He is the author and finisher of our faith.

Thank you for your prayers in my hunt for a new job.

I am amazed at God's provision over my life and His care. 

I am blessed by the people in my life who have shown and voiced compassion and been praying for me.

Please also pray for the United States of America as a country, my country, my homeland. That we return to the Lord, repent and turn from our wicked ways, seek His face, and that the creatives for Him so long been ignored that they would be able to reach those who've not yet been reached with what God has given them to share artistically. 

Please pray for continued breakthrough in regard to Heart of Ink and Heart of Paper.

Pray for the church, that she come back in America to understanding both the utilization of the gifts according to the Holy Spirit's will and that God is sovereign.

 I have a little over 614 Physical copies left. 

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"Although we emerge rescued and healed, if we let Him, there are scars left behind. The wounds behind the scars do heal, but the scars are left behind purposefully as a reminder of how far God ran to save us and bring us home. " ~Kate 

"Coral Hahn Touches The Heart of the Reader through her courageous Poetry. Through bleakness and difficulty, She immerses us in hope and the belief that redemption exists for all of us. She strives to touch the spirit of the Native Youth offering them promise." ~Susan
It was such a blessed reward to my heart to hear an old friend who had received a copy call me crying and telling me it touched her deeply, reminding her of what and how she used to write. Also Check out My mother's Christmas Poetry Book (As Well as her other books).


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